Kristy Kime

Kristy Kime

Director of Alumni Digital Engagement, Emerson College

With seven years of experience of digital marketing in higher ed, and another seven years producing fundraising and marketing events, Kristy has an interesting perspective for building dynamic and engaging digital programs that create community.

Kristy’s career started at a Boston event marketing agency where she built and produced over 100 events in support of client’s marketing and fundraising goals. In 2013 she joined the Development and Alumni Relations team at Boston University as the first Associate Director of Alumni Digital Engagement. As her first foray into higher ed, she questioned how traditional development teams are structured and operate, and challenged them by creating spaces where fundraisers, alumni relations and marketers could collaborate. She focused a lot of time building internal awareness about the impact of using social media as a tool to inform smart marketing campaigns that elevate the university brand, boost engagement, and build alumni awareness on the impact of giving back to the university. As a result, she was able to grow her team of two to five, increase overall alumni event attendance, donor participation, and awareness of university impact.

Kristy is now the new (and once again, first) Director of Alumni Digital Engagement at Emerson College where she has just started building their digital program.


Kristy attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.