Day Two

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Customer Success Breakfast

Spend time enjoying a hearty breakfast with your Customer Success Manager.

9:00 AM - 9:15 AM

Welcome and Honor Roll Ceremony

Speaker: Courtney Camps, EverTrue

9:15 AM - 10:00 AM

Introducing the Connected Office

We hold the keys to the advancement office of the future. Most schools are sitting on a trove of data that, if acted upon, would enable stronger connections with alumni, parents, and friends. Imagine if our industry took the next step and made those insights easily accessible and actionable by every person in the advancement office.

Speaker: Brent Grinna, EverTrue

10:00 AM - 10:35 AM

Panel: The Connected Office in Action

As mobile, social, and custom solutions emerge, expectations of donors, volunteers, staff, and leadership have changed. There’s no reason why your team shouldn’t be able to accept gifts, send emails, or create events with the apps your constituents prefer and then track all of that data in an integrated platform to uncover the full story behind each constituent. It’s time for your advancement office to engage alumni and build your donor base with a best-in-class, integrated approach.

Panelists: Becca Foreman, Erin Kane, Valerie Oswald, Mike Reopell 
Moderator: Brent Grinna, EverTrue

10:50 AM - 11:25 AM

Breakout Sessions: Round 1

Empowering End-Users with the Right Technology

Forward-thinking advancement services teams at Boston College and Union College share how they think about adopting new software, building the right tech stack, and empowering frontline fundraisers and alumni relations teams to raise and engage.

Speakers: Kathy McCann, Linda McIntosh
Moderator: Jesse Bardo, EverTrue
Location: Grand Master 1


Big Lessons for Smaller Teams: Program-based Fundraising

The athletics development team at UMass Amherst and Ray Joyce of the Boston University School of Theology share how they use EverTrue to help identify, engage, and nurture donors for distinct fundraising priorities within larger organizations.

Speakers: Ryan Bamford, Dave Biancamano, Ray Joyce
Moderator: Courtney Camps, EverTrue
Location: Grand Master 2


Delivering Value for Your Alumni Network

Hear how Bucknell University is using its EverTrue Community to engage its newest alumni, provide value to affinity groups, help graduates network, and build a mentorship program.

Speaker: Jamie Donahue
Moderator: Meghan Lawrie, EverTrue
Location: Grand Master 3


Strategic Segmentation, Engagement & Powerful ROI

With strategic segmentation, affinity-based targeting and attractive giving pages, the team at University of Virginia’s College of Arts and Sciences has been able to better capture donors’ attention and fund the programs and professors that are making a difference at the university and beyond.

Speakers: Annelise Lucas, Valerie Oswald
Moderator: Meggie Patterson, EverTrue
Location: Liberty Hall (Main Stage)

11:40 AM - 12:15 PM

Breakout Sessions: Round 2

Fundraising Metrics for Gift Officers

See how Bennington College is setting goals, marking progress, and managing its team of gift officers by tracking outreach methods, proposal stages, and more in EverTrue.

Speaker: Elizabeth Breidinger
Moderators: Jesse Bardo, Mat Budelman, EverTrue
Location: Grand Master 1


Social Strategies to Drive, Measure, and Increase Engagement

Learn how Boston University is using social outreach and digital insights to build and measure alumni engagement, then using these insights to help convert non-donors.

Speakers: Phil DiMartino, Kristy Kime, Stephanie Quinn
Moderator: Courtney Camps, EverTrue
Location: Grand Master 2


The Right Insights to Build Donor Pipeline

Uncover new prospects hiding in plain sight by running the right searches in EverTrue and saving segments that do the work for you. Find your new favorite filters to funnel insights to your gift officers and annual giving teams. Learn how the College of Saint Rose is doing this and more in EverTrue.

Speaker: Suzanne Roberson
Moderator: Caroline Scott, EverTrue
Location: Grand Master 3


Solutions for Volunteer Management

Peer-to-peer outreach is more powerful than ever, but historically it’s been difficult to recruit and manage volunteers, create assignments, track progress, and share giving information in real-time. That’s all in the past. Join us for an inside look at the future of volunteer programs.

Speakers: Mike Palladino, Eben Pingree, EverTrue
Location: Liberty Hall (Main Stage)

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM