Why Attend


Who should attend RAISE?

Calling all innovators. You and your team should come to RAISE if you want to think bigger, raise better, and get there faster. Whether you use EverTrue yet or not.



RAISE is full of ambitious and creative fundraisers who are writing the next chapter in the history of the industry. You’ll be able to meet new people, learn about their unique approaches to common problems, and leave inspired to try new things when you’re back in the office Monday.


We love a lofty, pie-in-the-sky idea as much as the next guy. But if that’s all we ever had, we’re not sure we’d get anything done. In addition to some dreams to strive for, you’ll leave RAISE with projects you can kick off right away or adjustments you can implement that will help kick start those lofty goals.


No one wants to be talked at all day, which is why we work hard to make sure there’s a ton of energy throughout RAISE. Along with some incredible speakers, we have the best karaoke performers around and bring a uniquely “Boston” flair to every RAISE, whether it be through food, performers, or group Sox tickets.


"RAISE truly offers something for every member of your advancement shop."

Jeannie Patch has been to RAISE four years in a row! Last year, she even brought 11 of her colleagues from Salem State.


"An innovative and engaging experience that causes participants to think differently and return to their work with a refreshed, sometimes totally new, approach to tackling their work."

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